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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these labels waterproof?
(blank sheets)
I messed up my labels. Why did this happen?
Can I combine different sizes or materials for quantity discounts? I need to add to or change my order.
What sizes do you carry? What material do these come in?
Are they all adhesive or sticky? Are any of your labels removable?
Do you custom print label sheets? Do hangtags have punched holes?
How is string cut/prepared/shipped? Are the corners round or square?
Can you make color changes? Can I return these labels?
What will these stick to? Why hasn't my order shipped yet? What does 'Unverified' mean?
I ordered the wrong item. What should I do? What does the finish look like on Water-resistant Vinyl or Polyester?
How are these applied to water bottles? Where are templates for my labels?
Will Clear Gloss Poly print in color lasers? Do you have large format sizes like 8.5x14, 11x17, or 17x22?
How do I customize templates? Do you do metallic printing?
How do I get samples? What color is Natural Ivory? Do you have a color chart?
Do you offer tiny labels, 1/2" etc? What color are hangtags?
Can you ship globally? Can I exchange label sheets I have not used?
Do you have uncut hangtags? Is this store secured or certified?
Can I use copyrighted or trademarked images? I'm having trouble printing my Water-resistant Polyester labels.
Waterproof - impervious to (or totally unaffected by) water, rendered impervious to water by some special process, such as top-coating.

Are your label sheets waterproof? Will they stand up in the dishwasher, shower or hot water?
When evaluating both the water-resistant laser polyester and the water-resistant inkjet vinyl, it's safe to say the label itself is indeed waterproof and will not be affected by water. Once printed, the printing is considered water-resistant (resisting though not entirely preventing the overall, long-term effects of water).
Laser polyester is closer to waterproof than any other do-it-yourself label material. Although not recommended for use in a dishwasher, water-resistant laser polyester labels hold up nicely in a shower setting.
Water-resistant inkjet vinyl label sheets are top-coated with a substance that "locks in the ink". Therefore, it is important to achieve a balanced ratio between ink used and top-coating available for locking. If too much ink is used and, therefore, not enough top-coating is available to lock it down, you will see some bleeding when in contact with water. This is easily solved by reducing your ink saturation level in your printer properties box. Always remember to use genuine brand name ink. 

Quantity Discount -

Can I combine sheets of different sizes and material for the quantity discounts?

You'll receive quantity discounts when you purchase 25, 50, 100 or 250 of the same label sheet but not a combimation of sizes and materials. In some cases, you will see the quantity discount applied to your cart if you are selecting a combination of different colors for the same label sheet (such as pastels, brights and fluorescents).

Order Changes -

I need to add to, cancel, or change my order.

We print, pull and ship your order quickly. Please do not email us to add to, change or cancel an order. Making a quick phone call is always the best method to ensure we catch the order in time to make the necessary change. Toll-free: 877-668-0130 x300

Sizing -

"Do you have * x * size?"

For labels by the sheet, we carry the sizes listed online. Additional sizes are available in larger wholesale quantities at Creative Label Concepts'

Materials -

"I can't find the size I want in the label material I want."

We do not carry all sizes in all materials.
For labels by the sheet, the sizes we carry of a specific material are listed online in the appropriate section for that material. Additional sizes are available for most materials and in larger wholesale quantities at Creative Label Concepts'

Stickiness -

"Are your labels self-adhesive?" "Are your labels sticky?" "Are your labels peel and stick?"

All of our products referred to as a "label" have an adhesive back. All adhesive labels have permanent adhesive except for the products referred to as "removable" labels. Removable labels have a removable adhesive allowing you to remove the label and reposition it as needed. All products referred to as "hang tags" are non-adhesive.

Removable -

"Are your labels removable?"

All adhesive labels have permanent adhesive except for the products referred to as "removable" labels. Removable labels have a removable adhesive allowing you to remove the label and reposition it as needed.

Custom Printing on Sheet Labels and Tags -

Do you offer custom printing on label sheets or hang tag sheets?

We do not offer custom printing.

Pre-drilled holes -

Can we get the hang tag sheets with the holes pre-punched? 

Some of the micro-nikked and perforated hang tag sheets are pre-drilled with either 1/4" or 3/16" holes. The die-cut hang tags do not come pre-drilled with holes. Many people wish to have holes of different shapes or sizes, in different locations on the tag. Therefore, we have found it best to have a selection of hang tags without pre-drilled holes to allow the customer to be creative. We offer a selection of hole punches here.

String -

Is the hang tag string pre-knotted, or simply pre-cut?

The string is pre-cut into 12 inch pieces, it is not folded and/or knotted. Hang tag string comes in a plastic bag 100pc to the bag. Hang tag string is not returnable.

Corners -

"On sheet labels, are the label corners rounded or square?"

On each product page, it is specifically stated if the label size has square or rounded corners. There are many special shapes in hangtags as well.

Adherance -

Do you think these labels will stick to glass, plastic, wood, drywall, fabric, metal, paper, or baggies?

We have tested all of our label sheet materials with favorable results on a variety of surfaces. However, we always suggest ordering a few sheets first to do your own testing before placing orders for large quantities. You may order as little as one sheet of a size and material so that you may do your own testing.
If you are interested in custom printed labels, you may also obtain a custom printing sample to do your own testing.

Returns -

"I just realized I ordered the incorrect labels and they have already shipped. Can I return them?" 

Yes, typically - although there are some exceptions. Please see our return policy.

Verified/Unverified Orders -

"I placed my order on mm/dd and the status is showing unverified." "When I ordered, the description said 'usually ships same day'. Is there a problem with my order?" "Why hasn't my order shipped yet?"

When paying with PayPal using a draft from your bank account instead of your PayPal balance or a credit card, PayPal will hold the order as unverified until it can secure the funds from your bank account. This can take several days. On these orders, we do not ship until PayPal notifies us that the payment has cleared your bank. To avoid this in the future, use a credit card or a form of instant pay through PayPal such as funds in your PayPal account.

Applying to water bottles -

"How do I attach the water bottle labels?" "Will I need to glue them?" "Are they the same as a regular sticky label, or do they just have a sticky part at the very end like factory water bottle labels?"

These are fully adhesive peel and stick labels. The entire label is sticky. After removing the factory label from your bottle, simply place your label on the bottle.

Water-resistant finish -

"Are your water-resistant inkjet vinyl labels glossy?" "Do water-resistant labels come in other colors?" "Will any of the water-resistant labels hold up in the dishwasher?"

Water-resistant inkjet vinyl labels are white and have a matte finish. If you have access to a laser printer, the water-resistant polyester for a laser printer has a light glossy surface. The water resistant material is available in white only.

Regarding use in a dishwasher: we have found the water-resistant ULTRA vinyl for an inkjet will hold up longer than any other in the hot water pressure when using black ink only. The laser polyester is not recommended for the dishwasher, even though it's the most water-resistant label we offer for normal water contact. Laser printers use toner (color dust)  that is placed on the material and then melted onto the paper as it goes through the fuser. It's water-resistant, meaning you can run water over it and it will be okay. However, a dishwasher uses scalding hot water and could possibly melt the toner right off the label.

Clear Gloss Poly in color lasers -

Can I use clear gloss polyester laser labels with a color laser printer?

We have not discovered or heard of any issues with color laser printers. We've used this type of label on both a Dell 3110 and a Dell 3130 Color Laser Printer and they come out great. We use the transparency setting for paper type for the best heat fusion.

Template help -

"Will you please email me the template for ** x ** ?" "Do you have a custom template?" "Can you help me layout my label in this template I downloaded?" "How does Microsoft Word work?" "Can you tell me how to use _________ software?"

You may download the templates directly from the website. We have them in Word (*.doc) and Adobe (*.pdf). They are here. When you download each template, you will be prompted to SAVE or OPEN. SAVE the file to your computer and then open the file in Microsoft Word or appropriate Adobe program. There is an informational image that can be selected and deleted, after reading, to see the template. You should see gray gridlines (for circles / ovals you will not see circles / ovals, only the grid where the circles / ovals are on the sheet).

If you do not see gray gridlines in Word:
(WORD 2003): choose the TABLE tab and then click on SHOW GRIDLINES
(WORD 2007/2010): go to the LAYOUT tab, and click on VIEW GRIDLINES. (do NOT click the VIEW tab and then the gridlines checkbox, that will make your page look like graph paper - not the feature you want).
Because we are not developers or retailers of software, we do not provide training or technical support for software. Our 'templates page' has quite a bit of detailed information that may be helpful.

Click on the following links for further assistance:
Avery Design Pro

Microsoft Word

Sure Thing Office Labeler

Large Format Sizes -

"Do you supply your sheet labels in 8.5x14, 11x17, or 12x18 sizes?"

All in stock label and cardstock/hang tag sheets are 8.5 x 11 size. If you need 500 sheets or more, it is possible to get a large format sheet. Please call for information.

Sample Sheets -

"Do you send out samples?" "How do I get samples?" "I just need one or two sample sheets to test in my printer." "I need samples of this and that so I can see the difference in color / match the color."

Sample orders can be placed online just like placing any other type of order. If you are ordering 10 sheets or less (hangtags 5 sheets or less) you will be offered a first class shipping option for $5.85 when you checkout. For color matching, you may obtain a color swatch for you to compare. If you are overseas you can place a sample order online just like placing any other type of order.

Metallic Printing -

"Can you do custom printing with silver or gold metallic printing?"

We currently do not offer custom printing at all.

Tiny Labels -

"I am looking for a 1/2" diameter label, do you carry it or can you make it?"

Yes, we do. Due to fluctuations with printer feeds, this size can be extremely difficult to print on with a standard inkjet or laser printer. For best results, we recommend keeping copy away from the edge of the label.

 Natural Ivory -

"What color is natural ivory?" "Is it off white or a true ivory or something in between?" 
Natural ivory is a shade or so lighter in color to a basic manila file folder. For more information, see our color chart. You can also call and request a color swatch by mail.

Global Shipping -

" Do you ship to _________________ ?"

We are currently only shipping within the US.

Hangtags -

"Do the hang tags come in any colors or are they all white?" "Do these come in an uncut sheet?"

Currently, we offer most of our hang tag stock in a bright white card stock. We also have a nice selection of brown kraft hang tags. We do not carry uncut hangtags. We do have non-adhesive paper to match Brown Kraft, Light Brown Kraft and Prairie Kraft labels. However, it is paper weight and not heavy like hangtag stock.

Exchanges -

Can I exchange label sheets I have not used? 

Under some circumstances, you can return them for a refund and place a new order for what you wish to exchange them for. Please refer to the returns policy.

Adding to or changing order -

"I need to add to my order." "I need to change my order."

We print, pull and ship packages every hour from 8-4:30 CST. It's best to call us with any order changes or additions. Toll-free 877/668-0130 x300.

Security -

"Is this a secure transaction?" "I don't see any certificates on this store..."

Yes. Every transation is secure. We offer PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover. Our processing is certified through . When using PayPal all information will be encrypted before transfer. These certificates are listed on the checkout page of your cart right next to where one would input a credit card number.

Water-resistant Poly printing problems -

"My Water-resistent label isn't printing right. It has powder-like color dust on it (or it seems to be flaking in areas). What do I do?"

This problem is typically solved by selecting a paper type in your printer properties box that will increase the heat being used by the fuser. We have had wonderful results using the 'transparency' setting.

Copyrights and Trademarks -

"Can I use copyrighted or trademarked images?"

Due to legal restrictions, not usually. Most jurisdictions provide for the use of trademarks to be licensed to third parties. The licensor (usually the trademark owner) must monitor the quality of the goods being produced by the licensee to avoid the risk of trademark being deemed abandoned by the courts. A trademark license should therefore include appropriate provisions dealing with quality control, whereby the licensee provides warranties as to quality and the licensor has rights to inspection and monitoring. See Wikipedia for more information.

Template trouble -

"I messed up my labels with this template."

We appreciate the difficulties our customers may face. It was with this in mind that we created an informational sheet that we include in every order.

Also note, same size labels in different materials (from different manufacturers) may require a different template. Please compare the sku of the product to the template you are downloading to ensure you are using the correct template.

Keep in mind, templates are guidelines only and are offered to our customers as a courtesy. All templates are based on accurate measurements. Minor adjustments may need to be made for your artwork, lettering or graphics to print accurately. Printers are also resistant to printing to the edge. You may see "Margins are outside the printable area" in a print dialog during your testing and setup. Always print on white paper first.

Trial and error is part of the learning process when it comes to setting up and printing your own labels. Take the necessary time to read the informational insert with your order, the tips and tricks we share with you will save you time & money. Please understand we cannot replace label sheets due to customer testing.

"My labels are all smeared."

There are three main causes for smearing:
  1. Using liquid ink on laser-only labels.
  2. Using too much ink (paper-type settings).
  3. Not enough heat on laser toner (paper-type settings).
To solve the last two, adjust the printer paper-type to 'High Gloss', 'Glossy', or 'Transparent' to control the quantity of ink (increasing heat in laser printer fusers).

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